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Presentations and Presentation Services

Creating a document, brochure, report, or publication isn't simply a matter of writing text, figures, and numbers onto white paper before handing them to your reader.

Of course for many the standard white copy paper document is suffice. And yet for others, the need to entice, stimulate, and keep the interests of the reader in your material is not only obvious, but essential in conveying the message, key arguments, information, data, and value of your document.

Your readers expectations, and your ability to respond to them, is the key to a successful report, publication, presentation, or meeting.

At 123DOCX.com our aim is to help you achieve your goals of communication. To meet your business, study, or other objectives, and achieve and maintain a leading market position, grade, effect, or result.

In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development, together with our technical ability to develop and deliver stunning documents for both electronic and hardcopy distribution. We are able to plan, create, compose, edit, and make unique your publications and presentations.

Through your own custom designed Word Templates, and Word Document Templates. Branding, logo design, and corporate stationery. Brochures, reports, and custom publications, through to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. 123DOCX.com is here to serve your custom document, publication, and presentation needs quickly and affordably. Simply contact us today with your specifications for a free quotation.

Maximize attention with your documents and publications
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  • Custom Word Template designs.

  • Logo, brand, and corporate identity design.

  • Letterheads, envelopes, business cards and office stationery.

  • Custom reports, brochures, and publications.

  • Custom PowerPoint Template designs.

  • Structuring, layout, and organization.

  • Copy writing, and creative writing.

  • Graphic design and animation.

  • Storyboard and scripting.

Impress and inform to create impact

Most organizations create documents and then print hardcopies on letterhead or branded paper. But if you are sending your document electronically. By email, or across Internet, how will your document look when the receiver prints the document at their location?

All of us at some point have had to create and write a report. Reports, for boardrooms, sales staff, investors, and departmental meetings, etc. But the document is typically printed on plain white lifeless copy paper, and how is your document received by your reader? As inspirational? Motiviating?

An office memo is often sent simply as an email but does the mail reflect the values of your company? Your profile and image? Does it inspire?

In truth, we create documents, journals, essay's, reports, brochures, mails, and publications all the time. And yet we focus entirely upon the text copy and content of these documents, often neglecting the very fact that it is our eyes that are seeing, viewing, and reading this information.

Because your readers, and audience�s intelligence, demands, and expectations often go far beyond a plain white copy paper document. Their expectations and your ability to respond to them, is the key to a successful publication, report, convention, or meeting.

At 123DOCX.com our aim is to help you achieve your goals of communication. To meet your business objectives and achieve and maintain a leading market position.

In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development. Together with our artists and graphic designers creative ability to design and deliver high impact, attention grabbing media publications and productions. We are able to structure, plan, create, compose, and edit, your content or digital presentation to ensure that your written material achieves greatest effect and visual impact.

Custom documents, publications, and presentations

As a part of 123OfficeMedia.com, 123DOCX.com, was devised, developed and created as a specialist division to work entirely upon the visual, creative, strategic communicative value, structing, and authoring of your documents and publications.

In close co-operation with our sister company, 123PPTX.com, we are able to combine our specialist strengths to provide you with a complete publications and presentation service. Ensuring that your brand, your message, review, report, information and figures, are delivered and presented in a cohesive and concise manner across all media platforms, and all media types.

Just as the structure, layout, and value of your content, data, and information, is critical to the success of your document. So too is the visual profile in which it is delivered. Created to the highest degrees of professionalism, energy, and enthusiasm, 123DOCX.com's graphic artists and designers reflect the considerations and expectations of your readers and audience to more readily communicate clearly and concisely, accentuate and elaborate, areas of particular interest, and items of greatest focus, keeping your readers engaged.

Presentation Services that Create Confidence and Committment

To find out more about 123DOCX.com's Custom Services, and how our team of creative artists, designers, writers, and business strategists can help you make the most out of your documents, and presentations. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote and find out why more and more companies across the globe are turning to 123DOCX.com for publications that really count.
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