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About The Impossible Media Group

The Impossible Media Group is the mother company of a constellation of wholly owned subsidary organizations that encompass an entire range of communication, design, and media development services.

The Impossible Media Group provide state of the art design and strategic communication solutions through the design and advertising bureau Impossible Media, and independent interactive business concepts and developmental projects through the media propagator Impossible Media Ventures.

Impossible Media

Impossible Media is a leading Scandinavian full service high-end design and communications group delivering high impact, state of the art design and strategic communication solutions for International, multi geographic, and national clients across all media channels.

Encompassing an entire range of communication, market, and design services. Impossible Media works across business development, communication, and brand strategy. Through concept and campaign development, print, television, interactive, and usability design. Impossible Media provides total media design and development through one strategic design and marketing partner.

Whether producing a corporate brand, company profile or annual report or brochure. Broadband content, Internet presence, or multimedia presentation. Our efforts are the result of careful listening to our individual clients needs, and our purpose to ensure our clients achieve their goals in communication by forming a visual assembly of material that combines to express an unmistakable presence within the marketplace.

Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2000, and led by former European Web Designer of the Year, Scott Harvey. Impossible Media has built a reputation founded upon a culture of quality, integrity, and ambition. Combining individual skill, imagination, and talent. Where in-house and freelance designers, have been handpicked to compliment the exclusive nature of Impossible Media's market services

For further information about the company, client projects or proposals related to cooperation or general business matters, please contact Impossible Media here.

Impossible Media Ventures

Impossible Media Ventures is a media propagator for interactive business innovations, concepts, and developmental projects. Creating and developing new business concepts, ideas, and independent business units for the media and media entertainment industries.

Working to create new business innovation and opportunities from interactive media, Impossible Media Ventures works across a number of levels and responses based upon business objectives, scenario, and prospect ownership.

Through self-funded project developments, Impossible Media Ventures creates self-funded business innovation and development enterprises, such as the subsidiary 123OfficeMedia, which includes 123DOCX.com, 123PPTX.com, and 123XLSX.com. Created to provide every user of Microsoft Office and its applications, with an extensive range of media resources, templates, images, sound, music, fonts, and custom presentation services to maximize the quality and appearance of their documents, publications, and presentations. AAnd our history and experience within media and business operations, provides us with a unique advantage and the ability to view and review modern uses of interactive media. Developing concepts and/ or business units within market areas that are able to take advantage of new business innovations.

From product based media resources, to complete television concepts and interactive packages, Impossible Media Ventures create new business opportunities and media operation platforms that improve and advance media use.

As innovator, we recognize that everyone has ideas and that everyone has thoughts at times of something that could be better. Something that is missing. Something that could be improved. Or something that does not exist but should.

Whilst for many an idea is quickly forgotten, we believe an idea is invaluable. A precious commodity, not yet realized or achieved.

Impossible Media Ventures is able to review, discuss and explore your ideas, concepts, and propositions on many varying levels.
  • As a discussions partner, Impossible Media Ventures can help you explore your ideas and concepts, to help you evaluate their validity and worth.
  • As strategic advisor, Impossible Media Ventures can help you evaluate your business strategy and media plan, to help you create innovation and greater value proposition.
  • As collaborator, Impossible Media Ventures will engage itself to the level with which you are comfortable, and can assist in creating business models and operations strategy, as well as communication and operations platforms. Should you wish, Impossible Media Ventures can then continue to help you in the launch of the idea or presentation of the concept, in the development of brand and prototype, or script and storyboard, to future investors, media platforms, or channels.
  • Together, in joint venture, we will create business models and strategy, create entire communication and operations platforms. Manage funding necessities, as well as marketing requisites and resources necessary to nurture and ensure the growth of your idea and concept, and its realization.

Impossible Media Ventures is able to devise and develop business models and strategy, creating entire communication and operations platforms, as well as marketing requisites necessary to nurture and ensure the healthy growth and success of a new media venture development.

If you believe you have an idea or concept that you would like to develop. Have a business, or other co-operative proposal that you would like to submit. Then please contact Impossible Media Ventures to arrange further confidential discussion and evaluation.

From original idea, to concept, to development, and business operation, Impossible Media Ventures is the media propagator.

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