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Welcome to 123DOCX.com's frequently asked questions about custom presentation services.

In an effort to make the answers to your questions more readily available, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions into several categories which are listed in the right hand menu.

To find the answer to your questions, select the category that is most relevant to your enquiry.

If you have any further questions concerning 123DOCX.com's Presentation Services, availabilty, and capacity, please contact our Customer Services Department. Our service and support staff are on hand to assist you with any and all questions that you might have.

Frequently asked questions about 123DOCX.com's custom presentation services

Questions in this category include:

Does 123DOCX.com offer custom presentation services?
Absolutely. 123DOCX.com provides custom presentation services including:
To learn more about how you can create the kind of impact that you need to raise awareness and focus attention from your publications. Select Custom Services from the left hand menu and discover how 123DOCX.com's creative team can meet your business objectives and help you achieve your communication goals.
Why would I need to use custom presentation services?
Most organizations create a document and then print hardcopies of the document on branded paper. But if you are sending your document electronically. By email, or across Internet, how will your document look when the receiver prints the document at their location?

All of us at some point have had to create and write a report. Many people create reports, for boardrooms, sales staff, investors, departmental meetings, etc, etc. But the document is typically printed on plain white lifeless copy paper, and how is such a document to read? Inspirational? Motiviating?

An office memo is often sent simply as an email. Does it reflect the values of your company? Does it inspire?

In truth, we create documents, journals, essay's, reports, brochures, mails, and publications all the time. And yet we focus entirely upon the text copy and content of these documents, often neglecting the very fact that it is our eyes that are seeing, viewing, and reading this information.

Because your readers, and audience�s intelligence, demands, and expectations often go far beyond a plain white copy paper document. Their expectations and your ability to respond to them, is the key to a successful publication, report, convention, or meeting.

At 123DOCX.com our aim is to help you achieve your goals of communication. To meet your business objectives and achieve and maintain a leading market position.

In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development, together with our artists and graphic designer creative ability to design and deliver high impact, attention grabbing media publications and productions. We are able to structure, plan, create, compose, and edit, your content or digital presentation to ensure that your written material achieves greatest effect and visual impact.
What is the value in using 123DOCX.com's custom presentation services?
For dcouments that are designed to create impact. Reports that are meant to be noticed. Brochures that should attract your reader. Essay's that need to stand out. Documents that should be sent by email or downloaded electronically. 123DOCX.com understand the value and importance of creating the visual shell that provides the perfect balance between information and excitement for your publications and presentations. By redesigning, creating, or capturing your existing visual profiles your publications will:
  1. Reinforce your branding.
  2. Stand out from other documents and presentations.
  3. Deliver a professional message.
  4. Communicate clearly and concisely.
  5. Extend the values, and efforts that you should wish to project.
  6. Keep your readers and audience engaged.
How long would it take 123DOCX.com to create a custom Word Template, document, publication, or presentation for me?
Every custom Word Template, document, publication, or presentation is dependent upon many different criterias. And together with our team of creative artists we can help define the goals of your templates, publications, and presentations and in doing so create and design the visual presence which is best suited to achieve your communication goals.

We understand your demands for quality and your demands for deadlines. And so from this point we can provide you with an obligation free quote for the development of the template, document, or presentation.

Contact 123DOCX.com's team of creative artists, designers, and technical staff to find out more about how we can:
For a cost effective free quotation, contact us today, and find out why more and more companies across the globe are turning to 123DOCX.com for documents, publications, and presentations that really count.
Can I see some examples of what your 123DOCX have done?
Of course. To see some examples of our custom document, publication, and presentation work, across Microsoft Word Templates, and Microsoft Word Document Templates, Branding, logo design, and corporate stationery, Brochures, reports, and custom publications, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, select Custom Services from the left hand menu, to browse, view, and download a small slection of our custom document and presentation designs.
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